Dr. Mangamma Hospital has complete one floor (ground) dedicated to Out patient services.

     To make waiting period less - computerized appointment services, four to six senior and junior consultants at O.P. are present for quick disposal of the out patients.

     To make waiting period comfortable - out patient department is fully air conditioned with all basic amenities like drinking water, well maintained toilets etc.

     To make waiting period enjoyable - separate Play area is designated where they can play with other children and forget the fear and stress of hospital environment. Apart from play area the entire out patient department is designed and painted with colors and pictures keeping the children’s enjoyment in the mind.

     If out patients need any investigations in house lab including X-ray, ultrasound etc facilities help for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

     Apart from this, hospital Pharmacy at out patient department will help to get proper medicines prescribed .

     Dr. Mangamma Hospital has one floor(first), designated as critical care complex has PICU, NICU and lab and other three floors dedicated for general pediatric patients needing inpatient admission.

      All newborn babies and children initially admitted in the Intensive Care Units would be transferred to other floors to continue treatment until they are cleared medically for discharge home. The floor plans are designed to fulfill the needs of all people hailing from different socioeconomic strata. We have general wards, twin sharing rooms, single rooms and deluxe rooms.

Children with non – critical medical and surgical problems are accommodated here and nursed back to health.

      Each floor has a computerized nursing station uniquely designed and manned round the clock by nursing staff and regular visits to each room by our pediatricians and nursing staff at scheduled timings for clinical rounds as well as any medical necessity.

      The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( NICU ) atDr. Mangamma Hospital is located in the Critical Care Complex on first floor of our building. The unit is probably the best in Andhra region with regards to design, medical infrastructure, equipment and quality of care.

This 25 bedded NICU has World class Lullaby Wamers , Buble CPAPs, Ventilators, Phototheray units including Biliblankets etc.

The highlights of our NICU which are unique and available in very few centers in India and the developed world. The first feature is the availability of "High Frequency Oscillators ", This is one of the most sophisticated types of ventilators which delivers breaths to the baby at the rate of around 600 - 1000 breaths per minute as compared to 40 - 60 breaths given by a conventional ventilator.

The second feature is the availability of INOSYS" Inhaled Nitric Oxide System". This gas has specific uses in the NICU in babies suffering from PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension) which is common life threatening complication in Meconium Aspiration Syndrome and birth asphyxia.

The third and foremost feature of our unit is the high nurse to babies ratio and strict isolation of babies into the different cubicles to control of infection.

      The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ( PICU ) at Dr. Mangamma Hospital is located in the Critical Care Complex on first floor of our building. The World Class Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is probably the best in Andhra region with regards to design, medical infrastructure, equipment and quality of care.

Highlights of our sophisticated PICU which are unique are ,specially made ICU beds for children, VM6 Philips multipara vital signs monitors, state of art Engstrom ventilators, Crash cart with all emergency medicines, biphasic defibrillator, bedside ABG, X-ray, ultrasound and ECHOand side lab etc.

Apart from this services of senior consultant pediatrician Dr K. Srinivas, other consultant pediatrician and registrars Dr. Bhaskar M.D, Dr. Ramesh M.D, Dr. Ahmed Dch, Dr. T.V. Rao D Ch, Dr. Srinivas D Ch, and Dr. Ramakoti D Ch are available round the clock to best services in the ICU's and wards.

     Dr. Mangamma Hospital has a strategically located Emergency Room with easy accessibility. It is manned round the clock by a pediatrician trained to handle all pediatric emergencies and skilled emergency room nursing staff.

      The Emergency Crash Cart : There is a cart kept in the Emergency Room that contains all the necessary drugs required for the treatment of any emergency “ preloaded and ready for use “. The medicines in the cart are checked every day and are maintained 24 hours a day.

      The cart also contains all the other equipment required for emergency management of the airway and for establishing an artificial airway, inserting venous lines into major blood vessels to administer medications and fluids.

      A Defibrillator is available to deliver electric shock in the case of severe cardiac rhythm problems which is especially custom order for use in children.

Performing a blood test in a young child or a baby is always fraught with certain risks and technical difficulties. Parents are apprehensive about the task and are worried about the degree of pain involved, the amount of blood sampled and the technique used to obtain the blood sample.

Many parents agree after counseling, and some refuse.....

The fear of the unknown, the fear of their child having to go through a difficult and painful ordeal is the reason. Not any more., At the Pediatric Laboratory at Dr. Mangamma Hospital

Our laboratory is state-of-the-art and is equipped with the latest generation of automatic analyzers. What's more, we have highly qualified consultant doctors running the service : for Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry

The Child Specific Laboratory

  • Automated Hematology Analyzer
  • Automated Chemistry Analyzer
  • Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Bactec Microbiology System
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Histopathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Hematology

The Department of Radiology & Medical Imaging at Dr. Mangamma Hospital provides complete radiology and imaging services for the evaluation of pediatric (children) and neonatal (newborn) disease.

This location has been specially selected to provide a seamless and rapid radiological assessment of the critically ill / injured child who is initially resuscitated and stabilized in the Emergency Room. Evaluation is quick and the information sought by the attending pediatrician / surgeon or

specialist is provided instantly so that definitive care and surgery can be planned and performed at the appropriate Intensive Care Unit / Surgical Unit. We offer the best imaging equipment with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, geared to the needs of the child

  • Digital Radiography [X Rays]
  • Fluoroscopy - Real time radiographic imaging of internal body parts / organs of the child to obtain crucial information
  • Ultrasound with Power Doppler facility
  • Portable X Ray units for use in the Intensive Care Units
  • Portable Ultrasound for bedside evaluation of the sick newborn / child in the Intensive Care units

     Dr. Mangamma Hospital and Perinatal centre has sophisticated OT and Labor room in the second floor of the building.

      OT and labor room are equipped with all sophisticated equipment for the best outcome of high risk cases. Highlights of the our OT are, only children hospital in Andhra region fully customized for Neonatal and Pediatric surgeries and having Datex – Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anesthesia work station , which tremendously improves the outcome of Neonatal and Pediatric surgeries.

      All Pediatric surgeons and surgeons of other super specialty surgeons are requested to utilize these facilities especially high risk cases.

      Labor room is equipped with Janak’s Birthing Archive, Caro plus fetal monitor, Open care warmer, Sterile Neonatal Resuscitation kits, and all obstetricians are requested to utilize these facilities especially high risk pregnancies and preterm deliveries.

Emergency Obstetric Theatre: On the Labour Ward there is an emergency obstetric theatre in case an emergency Caesarean section is needed. The Theatre teams are on-site and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Following a Caesarean section, the Midwives conduct observations every 15 minutes for the first two hours, every hour for the next two hours and then every four hours. The Consultant Anaesthetist also remains in the recovery room until they are satisfied with the mother's recovery progress.

Maternal Intensive Care Unit: Women who require closer and more specialist care and monitoring are transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, which is on the Labour Ward. The ICU has been fitted with the latest technological equipment and the Midwifery staff are fully trained in ICU care. The Consultant Intensivist closely monitors the care of these women.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit :Should the need arise and your baby is admitted to either of these Units, they will be looked after by specialist staff. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is able to care for babies from 26 weeks gestation. This unit has a long track record of saving very small babies, even the sick ones.

The multi-disciplinary team, atDr. Mangamma Hospital all work together to provide expert care for women should such problems arise. Qualified Obstetricians, Neonatologists, Pediatricians, Anesthetists and Sonologists are always available 24-hours a day.

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